Technical Data PTC-12/630/1250A

Rated Voltage: 12KV
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Current: 630A/1250A
Rated Peak Current: 62.5 KA
Rated Short time current / 3 Sec: 25KA/3 Sec
Rated Making Current: 62.5 KA
Rated Breaking Current: 630 A
Impulse Voltage , Wave Shape: 1.2/50 MS

  1. To Earth 75 KV
  2. Between Poles 75 KV
  3. Between Open Contacts 85 KV

Power Frequency Test Voltage

  1. To Earth32 KV 32 KV
  2. Between Poles 32 KV
  3. Between Open Contacts

Dimensions (Ref . Drg. Enclosed)

  1. Between Poles (Centres) mm 210PP
  2. Between Open Contacts mm 120
  3. Between Live parts and Earth mm 120
  4. Arc Duration 5-20m.Sec


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  • LBS Frame
  • Insulators
  • Brass Top Fixed Contact
  • GFN Moving Arm
  • Copper Moving Contact
  • Brass Bottom Fixed Contact
  • Main Switch Operating hole
  • Main Switch Indication
  • Earth Switch Operating hole
  • Earth Switch Indication
  • Main Switch On/Off Indication
  • HT HRC Fuse
  • Shunt Trip Coil